Taggart, Kay

Me. 2nd Grade.Hello! I am Kay Taggart, the reading teacher here at Crockett. That's me, on the left, standing next to my best friend on the first day of 2nd grade. Learning to read in school was wonderful. Reading opened the world to me. It is my hope that Crockett students find the same joy in reading.


Good readers know the sounds of letters and can blend those sounds into words. Good readers have good vocabularies; they know the meanings of many words. Good readers understand what they read, connect information with personal experiences, and make inferences. Good readers read smoothly and with emotion.


It's my job to help Crockett students become good readers, and to assist good readers to become excellent readers.


I work with small groups of students and engage them in exciting reading activities that help them build their reading skills.


My conference period is from 11:00 to 11:45 am daily.